Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is just a memory for me. Joey is doing very well in school, but spelling is a real challenge for him. The school suggested playing word games like scrabble, boggle etc as one way to help him.

So we're on vacation (in the Blue Ridge Mtns of Georgia) and after Becca was in bed one night, Bill, Nani, Joey and I played a game of scrabble. It was the first time Joey had played. He and I both played our own turns, but I was his coach and gave him suggestions and showed him how to try to get the most points from his letters.

Joey did great (came in 3rd in front of Nani) and we all had fun. Anyway, at one point he asks, 'How do you spell narrator?' We all laughed because it was such a long word. And then later he asked us 'How do you spell autograph?' It turned out both times he did have most of the letters, although he wasn't actually able to find a way to play either word on the board.

He said later he had just looked at his letters and it made him think of those words. I was impressed.

This is a picture of Joey at Super Summer camp in June.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talking God with Elmo

Becca (6) still asks to talk to her Elmo puppet (in the Clap Your Hands book) and the "Elmo's father" puppet (big Elmo puppet) sometimes.

So a couple days ago we got them out and "Elmo" noticed my new bead bracelet.   It was a thank you gift from a little boy Bobby in Becca's Sunday school class for being a helper.  Elmo asked what the cross charm was.  I told him it was to remind us of Jesus.

Elmo asked Becca who Jesus was, and she told him "Jesus loves us.  Jesus died." while gesturing up and down with her hands as in everybody knows this.  And I mentioned God too, and Becca said "Jesus walks with God".  In a very teacherly fashion.  I guess she did get something out of Sunday school :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We had friends over today for a playdate - my friends and Becca's friends.

The 4 kids have Down syndrome and are between the ages of 6 and 9. Us moms are generally upbeat with the occasional hair pulling moments. (Pulling our own hair out at wits end that is.)

We fed the kids lunch and then sent them off to play in Becca's room while we tried to have a relaxing lunch ourselves. Well, there was quite a bit of jumping up and down out of our seats to redirect or referee the kids.

We were talking about elopement (wandering). I told them how just that morning I had "lost" Becca for a few minutes. I was vacuuming in preparation for having guests. Normally I always have one ear listening for what Becca is up to, but I couln't hear her over the vacuum. When I turned the vacuum off I couldn't find Becca. After a few tense minutes I found her in the front seat of my car in the garage. She was pretending to drive and snacking on the goldfish we keep in the car.

The garage door was up, so luckily she hadn't gone out.

Back to telling the story at lunch. I'm tempted to get up (again) as I hear Becca raising her voice over something or other. But I don't. I take another bite of my sandwich, sigh, and tell my friends, sometimes I just have to eat. And sometimes I have to vacuum. They understand what I'm saying and what I'm asking.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blink and there goes 2 more months

Where did 2+ months go...

  • Joey had his annual hearing test and thank you God his hearing loss is stable for now
  • Christmas parties at school
  • Our once a year party having Bill's akido friends over
  • Christmas
  • My sister & her family visiting Gainesville twice
  • We went on a big 4 day weekend trip with my mother in law to see snow in North Georgia, the first time the kids have seen snow!  First my husband and I have seen snow in approximately 20 years
  • Becca went thru a period of making herself throw up at school.  It seems to be over, we hope.
  • My Mom talked me into trying a 1 month free trial at the gym and now we have both joined.
  • We've all been sick multiple times with colds, ugh.  And there was a nasty stomach bug over Christmas break, poor Joey was miserable on Christmas day.  And then he had strep.  
  • Our dog Crocket, 13 1/2, died unexpectedly.  My husband and I are very sad, but the kids have handled it well.
  • There have been several shooting deaths of US Marshals and other law enforcement officers while serving warrants in Florida.  Bill and his partner went down for the memorial service for two in St. Pete.
  • Our local family Down syndrome support group had a big playdate/get together at a local preschool.  Ten families were present, a big turnout for us.
  • I went with 3 mom friends from same group to a one day "Practical Solutions" conference on Down syndrome in Orlando.
Becca's starting to wake up, time to go.