Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is just a memory for me. Joey is doing very well in school, but spelling is a real challenge for him. The school suggested playing word games like scrabble, boggle etc as one way to help him.

So we're on vacation (in the Blue Ridge Mtns of Georgia) and after Becca was in bed one night, Bill, Nani, Joey and I played a game of scrabble. It was the first time Joey had played. He and I both played our own turns, but I was his coach and gave him suggestions and showed him how to try to get the most points from his letters.

Joey did great (came in 3rd in front of Nani) and we all had fun. Anyway, at one point he asks, 'How do you spell narrator?' We all laughed because it was such a long word. And then later he asked us 'How do you spell autograph?' It turned out both times he did have most of the letters, although he wasn't actually able to find a way to play either word on the board.

He said later he had just looked at his letters and it made him think of those words. I was impressed.

This is a picture of Joey at Super Summer camp in June.

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