Saturday, March 12, 2011


We had friends over today for a playdate - my friends and Becca's friends.

The 4 kids have Down syndrome and are between the ages of 6 and 9. Us moms are generally upbeat with the occasional hair pulling moments. (Pulling our own hair out at wits end that is.)

We fed the kids lunch and then sent them off to play in Becca's room while we tried to have a relaxing lunch ourselves. Well, there was quite a bit of jumping up and down out of our seats to redirect or referee the kids.

We were talking about elopement (wandering). I told them how just that morning I had "lost" Becca for a few minutes. I was vacuuming in preparation for having guests. Normally I always have one ear listening for what Becca is up to, but I couln't hear her over the vacuum. When I turned the vacuum off I couldn't find Becca. After a few tense minutes I found her in the front seat of my car in the garage. She was pretending to drive and snacking on the goldfish we keep in the car.

The garage door was up, so luckily she hadn't gone out.

Back to telling the story at lunch. I'm tempted to get up (again) as I hear Becca raising her voice over something or other. But I don't. I take another bite of my sandwich, sigh, and tell my friends, sometimes I just have to eat. And sometimes I have to vacuum. They understand what I'm saying and what I'm asking.

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