Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new favorite

This isn't that new, but it's new to me. I found it through some links about Vicki Forman, whose son Evan died recently. I'm tagging it under 'Truth' - a high compliment.

The Mother at the Swings

I've been on both sides of this conversation. Actually, I'm still more uncomfortable as the mother looking on. Now that Becca goes to a special needs pre-k class, we meet all kinds of kids. I'm really curious, hopefully not in a bad way, about each of their stories. Becca wears her diagnosis on her face, but with most of the kids in her class, it's not obvious. I'd like to be able to ask the other moms, So why is your child in this class? Tell me your story, and I'll tell you mine!

Friday, August 1, 2008

4 Trips to the Ladies Room at Red Lobster

I decided it's time to give full potty training another concerted attempt. I pulled out the little notebook I've used in the past where I keep track of times & results. The last 'full out' attempt was over Spring break in April.

Becca (4 today!, with Down syndrome) has been living a dual life since then- kind of potty trained, but not really. She can go on the potty, and if you put her on at the right moment she will. But she won't generally tell us when she needs to go. So she is still in pull ups and we've tried to catch her at the right moment as often as possible.

So I went into full 'Joy Joy Joy' overdrive mode today. There's an old Dave Barry column on toilet training his daughter. Every one in their house is happy! So very happy! You need to go pee pee? Yay! Let's run to the potty! It's so fun to sit on the potty! Let's read a book! You went on the potty! Hurray! Let's put a sticker in your book! Joy Joy Joy!

Got out the stickers, got out the big girl pants, got out the plastic over pants, paid attention to what she ate and drank and when. Took her to the potty. And again. Dry pants. Clean pants. Try again. The morning was discouraging. But there was a turn for the better in the afternoon!

At 12:40, Becca walked into the bathroom as I was walking out. I told her "Mommy had to pee pee!" (Remember, Joy! Joy! Joy!) and she said "Becca too." Well whad'ya know. I put her on the potty and she went. She only had wet pants one more time today.

We went out to dinner at Red Lobster. I put her in pull ups. Right after we sat down, she signed and said 'Potty.' So I ran her to the potty. But she leaned too far forward at one point and the durn thing auto flushed and scared the bejeezes out of her. So no glory. Back to the table. 3 more times we did this. She was still dry, she'd tell us she had to go, I'd take her to the ladies room, but she was too scared to actually relax and go. She stayed dry the whole time. She was even still dry when we got home! I ran her to her own potty and she went! I am so proud of her!!

Is this it? Is it really going to happen this time??? Time will tell!