Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blink and there goes 2 more months

Where did 2+ months go...

  • Joey had his annual hearing test and thank you God his hearing loss is stable for now
  • Christmas parties at school
  • Our once a year party having Bill's akido friends over
  • Christmas
  • My sister & her family visiting Gainesville twice
  • We went on a big 4 day weekend trip with my mother in law to see snow in North Georgia, the first time the kids have seen snow!  First my husband and I have seen snow in approximately 20 years
  • Becca went thru a period of making herself throw up at school.  It seems to be over, we hope.
  • My Mom talked me into trying a 1 month free trial at the gym and now we have both joined.
  • We've all been sick multiple times with colds, ugh.  And there was a nasty stomach bug over Christmas break, poor Joey was miserable on Christmas day.  And then he had strep.  
  • Our dog Crocket, 13 1/2, died unexpectedly.  My husband and I are very sad, but the kids have handled it well.
  • There have been several shooting deaths of US Marshals and other law enforcement officers while serving warrants in Florida.  Bill and his partner went down for the memorial service for two in St. Pete.
  • Our local family Down syndrome support group had a big playdate/get together at a local preschool.  Ten families were present, a big turnout for us.
  • I went with 3 mom friends from same group to a one day "Practical Solutions" conference on Down syndrome in Orlando.
Becca's starting to wake up, time to go.

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