Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talking God with Elmo

Becca (6) still asks to talk to her Elmo puppet (in the Clap Your Hands book) and the "Elmo's father" puppet (big Elmo puppet) sometimes.

So a couple days ago we got them out and "Elmo" noticed my new bead bracelet.   It was a thank you gift from a little boy Bobby in Becca's Sunday school class for being a helper.  Elmo asked what the cross charm was.  I told him it was to remind us of Jesus.

Elmo asked Becca who Jesus was, and she told him "Jesus loves us.  Jesus died." while gesturing up and down with her hands as in everybody knows this.  And I mentioned God too, and Becca said "Jesus walks with God".  In a very teacherly fashion.  I guess she did get something out of Sunday school :-)

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