Sunday, October 10, 2010

Venting - Haircuts

ARGH Becca's hair is is is is is such a pain!  She hates having her hair cut.  Last time we took her for a cut the hair dresser she's always gone to had changed salons.  So we went to the new salon.  I told the woman to just trim Becca's bangs, thinking that was enough to attempt on the first visit to the new location.

Well, that left the back 'long' for her and getting longer every day.  And the longer it gets, the more tangles every morning.  After I wrenched my hand a few weeks ago trying to get Becca to stand still and brush her hair at the same time, even the morning hair brushing became a 3 person affair - we go in and wake up Daddy.  He holds her still and I spray on detangle spray and brush as gently as I can.  While she yells and cries and THRASHES back and forth.

I finally couldn't take it anymore, and what would we do when Bill was finally called out on an early assignment and it was just me and Becca?  So anyway took her for a cut today.  And it was awful.  Awful.  And this stupid new place (JC Penney's) is bigger.  And very busy.  With a full house audience for the show.  Not that anyone said anything, but still.

Yelling, screaming, crying, thrashing.  Daddy holding her hands, me holding her face still.  She doesn't cry the whole time.  She and Daddy were giggling and talking nose to nose part of the time.  But even when she's not crying, she's still not really 'still'.  At least her hair is short now.  Very short.  And her bangs are really really short.  I can't blame Andrea the hair dresser, she did the best she could.  But poor Becca is scalped.  Just in time for pictures this week.  ARGH.  argh argh argh.

What have I done wrong??  Becca gets her teeth brushed just fine.  She even lets me floss her teeth!  She drinks her own medicine now!  She lets me put drops in her ears!!  Why can't we get past this hair thing???

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