Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Snoopy

I'm throwing out an old mini diaper bag.  It's one Bill had carried in his car for emergencies.  I found it in the garage from the last time he'd cleaned his Xterra out.  Still packed with size 6 pullups and size 4 clothes for Becca.

The "baby snoopy" theme on the bag brings back memories - of a time of wonder being pregnant with Joey.  After 4 years of infertility, it was amazing to think we were actually going to have a baby.  I liked the baby snoopy items because it was blue for a boy, and because our dog Crocket was a beagle.  It was the first 'theme' I saw and liked and gosh that decision was the easy part :-)

When I was looking at the bag today, and the picture, I thought, was that time real?  After the hard years of infertility, and before the hard realities of real parenthood - Joey's gag reflex and constant throwing up, Down syndrome, hearing loss. 

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