Monday, September 20, 2010

Funny Stories

About 2 weeks ago, my son was getting butterflies in his stomach before school started each morning.  To lighten things up, we started a game of telling each other funny stories while we walk the school 'track' for morning mile.  Funny along the lines of funny to an 8 year old and 6 year old - What if we swam morning mile instead of running?  And there were fish in the pool!  What if someone thought school was a zoo because of the noise and dropped off a load of monkeys?

Becca, my 6 year old daughter with Down syndrome, has amazed me by picking up on this game.  While we are getting ready in the morning, she will ask 'Running?  Funny stories?'

Then while we walk the track and talk and laugh, she will say 'My turn! My turn!'

Today she told two stories.

First - "A bear ate my pillow!  HA HA HA!"

Then, when it was her turn again, "A dinosaur and a gorilla ate my animals!" (with a theatric gasp)

This is a huge feat of speech, language, and creativity on her part.  It's a moment and an accomplishment I want to remember!

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