Monday, May 3, 2010

Joey learned to ride his bike!

Mimi and Papa Bob are away at Pelican Inlet this week.  I picked up both the kids from school today and we went to check out the newly re-opened Possum Creek Park.  Now it has a skate board area.

Then I took Becca to Uncle Bill's and Joey and I came home for a few hours.  I told him I wanted to have him practice on his bike.  He said he thought today was the day.  I said then so did I!

At first I had him pushing along the curb on his bigger bike.  Not much success.  We went back to the driveway, I wanted to show him how to glide without putting his feet on the pedals, so I got on his big bike.  Then I said why don't you go get your small (red) bike and we can both try.

That did it!  He said, Mom let me try, I think I can do it.  So I let him be while I rode around the driveway some.  Sure enough, within a few minutes he rode out into the cul de sac!!!!

I dropped the bike I was on and ran out screaming 'Joey you did it!' and gave him a big hug :-)

We went around the cul de sac together (each on a bike) a few times.  He's still wobbly, catches and stops himself by putting his feet down, starts best with the momentum of going down and off the driveway.

In the end, I think what gave him the final motivating push is that his younger cousin Natalie (4) is learning to ride a two wheeler.  Joey is 7, turning 8 this month.

Anyway, Joey is ecstatic!  I'm ecstatic!  It was a good, good day.  He called Nani, Daddy, and Mimi & Papa Bob to tell them all the great news.

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