Thursday, November 11, 2010

Becca Stories

1.  Becca was mad at me for taking something away from her tonight. I pulled her into my lap to give her a kiss and told her 'You're snuggly and I love you.' She pulls away and says 'I NOT snuggly! I NOT love you anymore!' I forced myself to act hurt and not burst out laughing, LOL.  (Becca is 6.)
2.  I've noticed Becca 'sneaking' around the kitchen.  Edging along a wall or under the counter and then peaking out to see if anyone sees her about to make a snack.  I was laughing and saying to Bill she looks like a little ninja.  In the middle of saying 'I don't know where she could have gotten the idea from'  - ping - lightbulb moment.  At school Becca has started wanting to walk to her 1st grade class by herself ("No Mommy!  Not you!")  I want to encourage her independence, but no way can I trust her on her own yet.  So I follow behind her, peeking around walls and corners.  Guess I'm not as subtle as I thought!!

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