Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, and one more thing...

What to call a blog... What to call a blog...

There is a cute email story that gets passed around from time to time. It's along the lines of - a mother looks at her watch and says to herself, "It's time for bed." So she gets up, cleans the kitchen, makes lunches, preps backpacks, puts the dog out, throws in a load of laundry, etc, and finally goes to bed. And the punch line being, a father looks at his watch and says "It's time for bed" and lo and behold goes to bed!

So first, this title is what the mother keeps saying to herself.

And then as I thought about it, it is also what life keeps telling us each day. Surprise! Don't get too comfortable! There's more!

The biggest shock I've had in my young (37 yo!) life was finding out my yet unborn daughter had Down syndrome. She's almost 4 now and doing very well, thank you. But boy was that an adjustment for my husband and me. Now, she has her challenges, but she is such a blessing of joy and happiness in our lives.

More recently, just 6 days ago, we found out our 6 yo son has permanent, moderate hearing loss in one ear. Hopefully, as the doctor predicts, this will be a mere inconvenience for him in his life. God willing. But it was definitely 'oh, and one more thing' in my life. Follow up tests, monitoring to make sure the loss isn't worsening. Talking to his school, what if any changes will be needed in his classroom.

I think bedtime just got a smidge further away!

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